Stress is harmful! Stay away from it!

Written by Dhinesh

When you are going to a match, exam or any competition and you are too stressed out, there is only one advice that people give you, “don’t take stress and don’t think about it, just be spontaneous”. Will you be shocked when I will tell you that taking stress is a good thing! Stress makes you more ready for the worse situation that might arrive. Suppose you are a soldier and you have to go to a war the very next day and you are worried about it. I know people say “Worrying never helps” but it actually does. Since you will be so worried, you will actually think about all the worst scenarios that might occur and then you will plan strategies to cope up with them. So the next day when you will be fighting in that war, your mind will be ready for all the bad situations that might occur because you have already strategies planned to avoid them. We feel stressed out about the things that we are not actually prepared to face, we don’t want to think more about them and we neglect them, but deep down in our mind we keep preparing answers for every “ what if this happens” situation.

Negative thoughts help in cutting the negative thoughts. It’s proven by many renowned scientists that over thinking helps in preparing us and making us better at handling some situations.

You know what is more important is actually finding the reason of your worry. Don’t feel embarrassed about your feelings and acknowledge what actually is causing trouble inside your head and decide is it worth worrying or not? Keep calm and decide what to do next. Suppose you are working in an MNC and you are worried about the raise in your salary. Worry is not a human being and it can’t go in front of your manager to ask for a raise but you yourself can do that. Prepare ifs and then scenarios and ask for the raise because you think you deserve it. Convert all the small scenarios that you are worried about into contingency plans. Imagine all the scenarios in detail and then find solutions for it. Take help from your friends and family to help you so that you can imagine what your opponent might be thinking as everyone has a different mindset.

The above process is extremely helpful while you gear up for a competition.

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