7 Super tips for bonding with your kids

Written by Dhinesh

In this age of hustle and bustle, it is hard for parents to find some spare time to spend with their kids. Nowadays, parents just do not think about happiness of their kids. They think about plans and achievements. Their materialistic and busy lifestyle keeps them away from kids and the result is, parents lose the chance of having an even stronger bond with their kids. Don’t lose this connection as it is very crucial for both, the parents and the children. If, as a parent, you are unable to find effective ideas to make that bond stronger, we are here to guide you the right way.

Time Investment
Just make it a habit to spend time with your kids and make them realize that you are taking much care of them. They surely have a lot of thing to say, let them express their feelings before you. Buy them the things they like say as ice-cream, toys, balloons etc. This will be your best investment.

Make Them Feel You
Kids need sense of security and protection. Your physical attachment makes them feel that you are the one who is their protector. Just shake hands with them, pat them slightly and hug them for even no reason. When your kids know that you will always be there for them, for better or for worse, they will feel happy.

Taking Them with You
Walking together, cycling with them across the town or sitting with them at the bank of a lake or a river is a fantastic way to get this bond stronger. In this way both of you know each other better.

Why So Serious?
Try to create an environment of friendliness and show your kid your sense of humour. This will bring you closer to your kids and you will find a way to relax your nerves too. Make it a habit and give most of your happy mode to your kids.

The Way They Like
Make your kids adopt positive hobbies by reading books with them or visiting some interesting places. Kids do not have much control over their lives. They are always instructed what to do, where to go and what to eat. Sometimes, let your kids choose their outfits or allow them to choose the dinner menu. Consider their choice about what classes they want to take. Give them the opportunity to take decisions and watch them smile. Try to make them believe that sometimes people do mistakes, but there always is a way to right a wrong.

Self-confidence and Happiness
When kids start feeling their parents truly listen to them and respect their needs, they feel more connected with you. It increases their self-confidence and ultimately happiness. Listen when your kids speak. It will be the right way to build an open and honest bond with your kids.

Love and Support
When your kids realize that you love and support them no matter what, it’s a fact that they are more confident and secure in making their decisions. Even in some failures, don’t let them feel that you are not with them and they are alone.

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