Self Improvements

30 things you need to know to be successful in life

Written by Dhinesh

Life is short. Make the most of it.
Throughout history, man has learned that there are certain practices that increase the chances of a successful life.
1. People often don’t care whether you are happy or not and if they do so, your happiness should not depend upon their attention.
2. The people who truly love you are interested only in you, not in your status or possessions. They are your true assets, don’t lose them.
3. Money can’t buy happiness for you. People die accumulating it but lose a happy and easy life.
4. In adulthood, try to make your finances out of the unimportant debts. It may become problematic if you don’t manage it in a right way.
5. To influence other, you need to make your words influential and responsive.
6. Your happiness depends most upon your recognition of humanity in yourself.
7. In life, always get yourself ready for the unexpected as the scheme of things has its own preparations. Always have a plan B.
8. Don’t let others estimate your potentialities and skills.
9. You should prove yourself at the best of what your skills are. Success is not an achievement, to maintain your success really does matter.
10. Your work will be more helpful for others and especially for you when you are aware of yourself.
11. Biases make you selfish and prevent your decisions to be done at the right situation.
12. Always try to face the situations of the present. You can’t change the past but the future is yours.
13. The people who have totally different ideas from yours will make you grow faster as like-minded people can’t broaden your ideas.
14. Travelling more takes you to the new visions of life and refreshes your spirit to work more passionately.
Mike Leary, a psychotherapist, says
15. Taking risk is a sure way to find what you are happy with.
16. A healthy body has a healthy mind. Don’t ignore your health issues.
17. Honesty, kindness and reliability are the keys to get a good reputation and you must protect them.
18. Decisions are mostly wrong when you are in any kind of emotion. Don’t let your anger over-power your decisions.
19. If people disappoint you, don’t let grudges get into your heart. Always try to forgive people.
20. Always have bigger goals to achieve in life.
An anonymous poster says:
21. Life is short. Use a sense of urgency to make the most of your time.
22. Do not try to indulge in the matters or discussions you do not have enough knowledge. Let the other do what they are expert in.
23. To grow as an individual, you must be ready to face the things that may bother you.
Jay Bazzinotti, a writer, says:
24. Happiness and success depend upon your own optimistic approach and positive thinking.
25. Your confidence makes you what you want the people see you.
26. Your must accept the fear of failure but don’t let them control your will and determination.
27. Kindness to others will bring less hurting acts from others.
28. Everyone has his flaws. Always pay thanks for what you get you will get stronger.
Gloria Garcia adds:
29. There are so many heroic successes before us. Follow the actions of those heroes and find what works for you.
30. Luck is a mysterious part of your success that you will find in the long way of hard work and determination.

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